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"Acolyte! Cover" By C. A. Brown

“Acolyte! Cover” By C. A. Brown

You remember those old gamebooks from the 1990s, don’t you? You know, the ones where if you want to turn left, you have to turn to page 43 but if you want to turn right, you have to turn to page 67?

If you’re anything like me, you probably miss them. I mean, it’s not like anyone is making… oh wait, what’s this? A free online gamebook that doesn’t require dice rolls or memorising page numbers or anything like that.

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“Acolyte!” is a short online comedy/horror gamebook. It’s kind of an affectionate parody of a great genre that has, unfortunately been forgotten. But, what does it include?

[Edit – 13th October 2020: Well, after re-visiting this site out of nostalgia, I’ve just spotted and fixed a broken/mis-typed link on page 42 (and, a day later, I fixed incorrect links on pages 16 and 32 too). Oh no! I’ve also just realised that this is technically an “update”. So much for avoiding the annoyances of modern gaming…]

Punishing 1990s-style difficulty! Expect to die so often that the grim reaper will probably give you a loyalty card! But, don’t worry, I’ll give you the option to cheat and skip back to the last page at the end of most of the death scenes.

Multiple paths! Yes, you can get to the ending via several different routes thanks to this story’s innovative “I can’t believe it’s not linear!” gameplay system!

Multiple endings! Yes, not only is there the obligatory “good ending” and “bad ending”, but there’s also an “okay” ending too!

Fifty One Soul-Shudderingly Terrifying Pages! And none of them are hidden easter eggs. Honestly. Seriously, stop asking me about it, I’m not going to tell you which.. Er, I mean, no there are definitely no hidden pages here!

An evil narrator! Come on, you didn’t honestly think that the narrator was on the side of the angels, did you?

Illustrations! Yes, some pages of this story will be illustrated. Probably kind of badly, but.. well.. illustration!!

Nerdiness! Yes, both Monty Python and H.P.Lovecraft are referenced in this story. As well as a lot of other stuff too….

DRM- Free! It’s true, technically speaking, there’s no DRM in this gamebook!

Ritual Sacrifice! Ok, this isn’t really a spoiler. Seriously, it’s mentioned on like the very first page. I hope that goats aren’t your favourite animal…..

Stunning high-defintion 26-letter graphics! Experience every letter of the alphabet in stunning high-definition. Well, except for “z”, no-one likes “z”.

So, what are you waiting for? Start the story already!