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2016 Artwork Acolyte! Illustration Driving to the manor

So, you’ve donned your ceremonial robes and pledged your undying allegiance to the Elder Goddess Zuccax. You are like this close to being a probationary member of the Eternal Ancient Order Of The Golden Rain.

Now, all that remains is to sacrifice a goat on the blood altar at the third chime after midnight and then pay your new members’ fee – all twelve pounds fifty of it. Not wanting to be late, you decide to set off early.

The traffic is light and, although you get a few funny looks at Alydwnye Motorway Services, Zuccax protects you as you make your way to the Order’s secret headquarters at Darkblade Manor.

The imposing manor house towers over the horizon as a bolt of lightning rends the sky and rain spatters like goat’s blood across your car’s windscreen. The red moon of Kalarch-Kraaal hangs portentiously in the air. A good omen! A sign from Zuccax herself!

Or is it? Looking closely, you remember the ancient astrological charts from the Order’s website and realise that it is actually the seventh curse moon of Garlach Koch! You feel a knot in your stomach as the manor gates creak open before you and you drive down the rain-slick gravel road. Although you try not to think about it, you can’t help but wonder what horrors the curse moon portends for you.

As you near the mansion, the full horror of your situation dawns on you. All of the parking spaces are taken!

-To park on the lawn CLICK HERE

– To drive around in circles CLICK HERE

– To honk your horn scroll to CLICK HERE

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