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Official guidance recommends that drivers only use their horn to signal their presence to other motorists. This is a common-sense rule that is designed to avoid motorists causing a public nuisance. It would, of course, be grossly irresponsible and inconsiderate for you to use your car horn purely to express frustration at the woefully inadequate parking at Darkblade Manor.

Still, you think, it’s possible that one of those parked cars might have someone in it. That person might, technically, be a fellow motorist. After all, it’s not like you can check every car. For all you know, there could be someone lurking in there.

So, reluctantly, you sound your horn. Of course, with the rain hammering down around you and the low rumble of thunder in the distance, it’s possible that anyone parked nearby might not have heard you. To remedy the situation and make your presence known, you decide to let out a series of sustained blasts.

Finally, as another bolt of lightning arcs through the sky, you see a mysterious hooded figure in dark robes standing by the door. Silently, he points to his left with a single bony finger. There’s an empty parking space! You don’t know how you missed it.

But, before you can thank the mysterious man, he is gone. It is almost as if he disappeared into thin air. Still, a parking space is a parking space.

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