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2016 Artwork Acolyte! Illustration cagoule stuck ending

As unfashionable as it might look, common sense tells you that you probably shouldn’t go out into that rain without putting on a rain mac. Not only that, in the many years that your “cag in a bag” rain mac has lain in your glove compartment, you’ve never actually unfolded it. For all you know, only the bag itself looks unfashionably garish.

Sighing, you unzip the bag and pull the rain mac out of it. You were right! Although the neon yellow and lime green bag doubles up as the rain mac’s large chest pocket, the rest of the mac doesn’t look quite as bad.

Sure, it’s one of those old-fashioned trainspotter macs – but the rest of the mac has a surprisingly stylish black and purple colour scheme. Even though it looks a bit retro, you realise that it’ll go really well with your ceremonial robes.

If you’d have known about this sooner, you wonder if you’d have actually worn the damn thing during that music festival you went to last year. Suddenly, a near-fatal case of pneumonia doesn’t seem like quite the trade-off that you thought it was at the time.

Chuckling to yourself and smirking at the curse moon outside the window, you lean forwards and throw the rain mac over your head. It must be because you forgot to unzip it before you put it on, but you quickly find that you’re stuck. Thanks to the cramped confines of your car, you can’t quite get the leverage you need to pull it off of you.

Flailing around wildly, you remember that the car door is right next to you. So, you turn slightly and try to reach the door handle. Unfortunately, with your arms stuck out in front of you, this proves to be a futile endeavour.

So, you try to bang on the window with your shoulder instead, but only succeed in accidentally clicking the door lock shut. The rain mac, of course, refuses to budge.

Over the heavy rain, you hear crunching footsteps on the gravel. The other members of the Order have obviously come out to greet you. You have never felt more embarrassed in your life. So, you do what any sane and reasonable person would do in these circumstances. You play dead. From the bemused muttering outside your car, it seems to have worked.

Well, you think, at least you can always try again if you….


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