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2016 Artwork Acolyte! Illustration hall

Stepping through the unlocked door, you find yourself in a large ornate hall. The floor is covered with dusty checkerboard tiles and the hall’s wood-panelled walls are adorned with gurning portraits of wizened old men and cackling portraits of wizened old women. Somehow, you were expecting the place to look a bit more, well, modern.

Despite carefully studying the history of all things mystical, the only portrait that you recognise is one of the famous occultist Aleister Crowley. At least, you think that it’s a painting of Aleister Crowley, the likeness is so terrible that it could easily be a painting of Winston Churchill instead.

But, as much as you want to look at the pictures, it dawns on you that you should probably search for other members of the Order. So, in an orderly and methodical fashion, you try all of the doors that line the hall. To your astonishment, they are almost all locked. No doubt that this place is an absolute logistical nightmare to live in. Seriously, who keeps virtually all of the doors in their house locked?

In fact, the only routes available to you are a narrow spiral staircase that has been clumsily hidden behind an empty bookshelf and an old wooden door which is being held open by a poorly-placed draught excluder. Behind this door, there is a staircase that seems to lead down into a dark and foreboding cellar of some kind.

– To climb the secret spiral staircase CLICK HERE

– To descend into the dark and foreboding cellar CLICK HERE

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