Page 16

2016 Artwork Acolyte! Illustration upstairs corridor

After a few minutes, you find yourself in a cramped moonlit corridor that time seems to have forgotten. Unlike the ornate hall below, the walls are made from bare stone bricks, with narrow arrow-slits in place of windows.

In fact, as you cast your mind back, you remember an old article in the local paper where a respected local journalist had pondered the fate of the historic Cransbrook Castle. It was notable as being the journalist’s last article for the paper, shortly before he was found dead in highly suspicious circumstances.

Despite being a listed building of extreme historical significance, no records of the castle could apparently be found after 1965. This, if your memory serves you correctly, was the same year that Darkblade Manor was built. What a bizarre coincidence!

As you look around the corridor, you see a row of seven dilapidated wooden doors along one wall. Smiling to yourself, you open the first door – only to be greeted by a solid brick wall. The other five doors all seem to be useless. But, the door at the very end of the corridor looks different somehow.

– To leave the door alone CLICK HERE

– To open the door CLICK HERE

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