Page 18

Wisely deciding that nothing good can lie within a mysterious room at the end of a secret corridor in the ruins of a lost castle, you decide to wait in the corridor until your initiation. It’s the sensible thing to do.

Leaning against one of the other doors, you look out of the narrow windows and see that the seventh curse moon of Garlach Koch is still hanging ominously in the night sky. However, for the first time tonight, it seems to be ignoring you.

Since there doesn’t really seem to be much happening in the corridor, you decide to pass the time by counting the bricks on the wall. By the time you get to the two hundredth brick, you start to feel a little bit lightheaded. So, you sit down in front of the door and keep counting.

Two hundred and seventy six, two hundred and seventy seven, two hundred and seventy…‘ By now, you inexplicably feel more weary than you ever have done in your life. It is like every bone in your body is crying out for peaceful rest. So, you lie down on the cold stone floor, close your eyes and drift off into blissful nothingness.

Fun fact: As you have so perfectly demonstrated, it is possible to die of boredom. Who would have thought it? I guess that you should probably…..


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