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Despite everything that every horror movie you’ve ever watched has taught you, you somehow decide that the best possible course of action is to go down into the dark cellar below.

Keeping the cellar door open, you descend the cold slate staircase into the foreboding gloom. A sinking feeling fills the pit of your stomach and you consider turning back and fleeing up the stairs. But, if a member of the Eternal Ancient Order Of The Golden Rain doesn’t have style and courage – then what do they have?

As you near the bottom of the stairs, you spot an old barrel propped up against the damp stone walls. In the dim light, you can just about make out the outline of a candle and a box of matches on top of the barrel.

Praise the Elder Goddess Zuccax! Fortune, it seems, has smiled on you! Still, you can’t quite shake the nagging thought that the candle must have been placed there for a reason. After all, it isn’t like people just leave random candles lying around for adventurers to use. This is real life, not a videogame.

Still, the cellar is very dark and a candle would certainly come in handy. What will you do?

– To light the candle CLICK HERE

– To fumble around in the dark CLICK HERE

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