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Despite the cold weather and the pouring rain, you decide that sensible – but unfashionable – rainwear would be inappropriate for the situation. After all, if a member of the Eternal Ancient Order Of The Golden Rain doesn’t have style, then what do they have?

Not only that, you realise that your robes could probably do with a good wash too. After all, you’ve been so busy over the past few weeks that you haven’t had a chance to wash the slime from the hem after your first attempt at collecting newt’s eyes for the pre-dedication ritual.

Taking a deep breath, you get out of the car and start to run through the rain. The thing about ceremonial robes is that they aren’t really very well-suited to running, as you quickly learn when you fall on your arse after just ten steps. Getting up and dusting yourself off, you look up at the curse moon. It almost seems to be gloating.

Muttering to yourself, you walk slowly through the rain until you reach the manor house’s large wooden door. You knock on it three times. Nothing happens, so you bend over and decide to take a look through the letterbox. You see darkness there and nothing more.

Suddenly, a croaking voice echoes through the air ‘Hey! Acolyte! Over here! Give me the password and be quick about it!‘ For a second, you are confused, until you see a pair of beady eyes staring out from a metal grate on the other side of the door.

The password! Of course! Now, if only you could remember what it was. It’s right there on the tip of your tongue, but you can’t be exactly certain. You’ll just have to guess, I guess.

– If you think the password is “Haddock’s Gruel” CLICK HERE

– If you think the password is “Grenada Sorbet” CLICK HERE

– If you think the password is “Periwinkle Moonshine” CLICK HERE

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