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2016 Artwork Acolyte! Illustration torture chamber

Gingerly, you step into the dungeons. The smell of smoke and blood hangs heavily in the air and, as your eyes adjust to the firelight, you catch glimpses of snooping journalists, meddling kids and wayward acolytes trapped in the dungeon’s many cells. A famous tomb explorer has been manacled to one of the walls and you’re sure that you saw a certain well-known cartoon dog languishing in a cage dangling from the ceiling.

Before you can really say anything, Brother Throckmorton rubs his hands together gleefully and says: ‘It’s a thing of beauty, isn’t it? The only working dungeon in the whole land!’

From the malicious gleam in his eyes, you get the impression that honesty probably isn’t the best policy. So, you stutter: ‘Y… Yes, it is.

Another fiendish grin crosses Brother Throckmorton’s face: ‘It’s always good to meet… Like-minded individuals…. You may be interested to know that I recently acquired some new stuff. It fell off the back of a museum. Haw haw haw! The only problem is that I need someone to help me test it out for me. I’d use the prisoners, but the paperwork is an absolute nightmare!

Chuckling to himself, he walks over to a nearby door and opens it. Nervously, you peer inside and see a fully-equipped medieval torture chamber. You can see the branks, the thumbscrews, the iron maiden, the boot, the wheel, the rack, the press, the red-hot pincers and a rather comfortable chair.

Come on, acolyte, don’t be shy. Most of this stuff is in full working order, but I think that the rack might need oiling and the iron maiden’s spikes might need sharpening. If you could help me test one of these things, I’d be very… very… grateful. Go on, it’s your choice.

– To choose the rack CLICK HERE

– To choose the iron maiden CLICK HERE

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