Page 25

You get to your feet and walk over to the door. Behind you, you can hear the high priestess tutting quietly. You are about to mumble an apology, when you see that she has returned to reading her magazine.

Deciding that it’s best not to antagonise things further, you grasp the door handle and turn it before pulling the door. It opens with a loud CRREEEAAAKKK!!! This earns you another icy glare from the priestess.

Not wanting to cause any more of a fuss, you slip through the door quietly. Behind you, you hear the priestess say: ‘Acolyte! Were you born in a barn? Close the door!

Stuttering the apology you were going to make earlier, you reach behind you and close the door. Another loud creaking sound echoes around the manor house.

With the door shut firmly behind you, you now have a chance to look at your surroundings. To your utter astonishment, you are standing at the end of another corridor.

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