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After several minutes of careful and considered thought, you say: ‘ You know what, I’m more of an iron maiden fan really.

Brother Throckmorton is silent for a few seconds before saying: ‘An iron maiden fan.. interesting… I thought that I was the only one with any … taste… around here. Come with me.

Much to your surprise, he ushers you out of the torture chamber. You hear anguished cries and clanking chains as Brother Throckmorton leads you along a narrow stone corridor with spikes mounted on the ceiling. Finally, he reaches a small wooden door and unlocks it before saying ‘Welcome to my humble abode.

The walls of the dank stone room are plastered with fearsome posters. A life-size statue of a mummified space zombie stands hunched in one corner, staring at you with glowing red eyes. Trembling with glee, Brother Throckmorton rushes over to the record player in the corner and puts on a record. Within seconds, the room is filled with the best heavy metal music you have ever heard.

In fact, it is so good that you can’t stop yourself from spontaneously playing the air guitar. Brother Throckmorton soon joins in and, before you know what has happened, you’ve jammed your way through the whole album. All good things must come to an end, I guess.

Acolyte! Acolyte! This has been the most fun I have had since I got that brand-new cat-o-nine tails last week. You will make an… awesome… apprentice. Come back to me after your initiation and we shall begin. I have such sights to show you, and much to teach!

The initiation! I hope I’m not late!‘ You say, suddenly realising that you’ve had so much fun that time has lost all meaning to you.

Nonsense, nonsense! You still have nearly two and half hours. I’ll show you a shortcut.‘ Brother Throckmorton removes one of the posters from the wall, revealing a secret passageway. You thank him and he flashes the heavy metal horns at you in reply.

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