Page 31

You find yourself in a small dingy room that both time and the cleaning staff seem to have forgotten. The walls are covered with flaking white paint and the occasional faded health and safety poster.

A broken lightbulb dangles from the ceiling and the only light in the room is a mysterious orange glow that emanates from a trapdoor in one corner of the wooden floor. The trapdoor has been propped open slightly and it beckons to you invitingly. You wonder why anyone would leave a hidden trapdoor open like that – doesn’t it kind of defeat the point of having a secret trapdoor in the first place?

In the dim light, you can also make out a pair of double doors at the other end of the room. Although it’s hard to make out details, both doors are covered in deep scratches and gouges that seem to suggest a frenzied attack of some kind. Still, there doesn’t seem to be a lock of any kind on the door. Running your fingers across the pitted and grooved surface of the door, you feel four nail holes, but can’t find a sign anywhere.

Still, you think, at least this place is an improvement over that dreary waiting room. But, unless you want to go back there, you should probably press forwards.

– To open the trapdoor and climb down CLICK HERE

– To open the scratched door a look inside CLICK HERE

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