Page 32

Paying careful attention to everything that horror movies have ever taught you, you decide that it’s probably best not to investigate the mysterious banging and groaning sounds coming from inside the fridge. After all, who knows what could be lurking in there?

You suddenly remember reading something about necromancy on the Order’s website. The passages were vague, but you got the distinct impression that the Order knows more about zombies than they were letting on. And, although you’ve always enjoyed zombie movies, the prospect of re-enacting one doesn’t seem quite as cool as you once thought.

Still, you think, if that thing in the fridge is a zombie, then at least it’s in the right place. The thick metal door would protect everyone from getting bitten and the refrigeration would also stop the zombie from decaying too much. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Smiling to yourself, you leave the kitchens and walk along one of the nearby corridors. It isn’t long until you start smelling incense. Realising that the ritual hall must be nearby, you quicken your pace.

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