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Smiling to yourself, you say: ‘Iron Maiden. Your favourite band is Iron Maiden.

The dungeonkeeper is silent for a few seconds, before you hear quiet laughter: ‘Ah, acolyte. I thought that it was you. I didn’t expect to see you again… and so soon… it is obvious that fate meant for us to meet. But, come on you shouldn’t be on… that… side of the door.

You hear jangling keys and the cell door swings open. As you step out, you hear clanking chains and shouts of indignation from the neighbouring cells. The dungeonkeeper extends his bony hand and you shake it nervously. Unsurprisingly, his hand is ice cold – almost as if he wasn’t entirely alive.

Smiling to himself, the dungeonkeeper says: ‘Acolyte… Acolyte, I thought that you had an initiation ritual to go to.

You mumble something about getting lost and the dungeonkeeper chuckles to himself before saying: ‘Yes, yes acolyte… that happened to me before my initiation too. Believe it or not… I ended up knocking two times, and only two, on the bathroom door instead of the initiation hall door. The two look… very… much alike in the dark. High Priestess Lachard still… mocks… me about it to this day.

As creepy as the dungeons are, you can’t resist a small chuckle yourself. For all of your bumbling tomfoolery, at least you haven’t made that mistake. The dungeonkeeper pretends to ignore your laughter, before saying: ‘Acolyte, remember that there’s… always… a place for you here. But… of course… the initiation first. Just open the door at the end of the corridor, go up the stairs and make three rights and you’ll find yourself outside the initiation hall. Go on, make haste!

Thanking him, you leave the dungeons.

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