Page 35

2016 Artwork Acolyte! Illustration eyes and bars

Deciding that the trapdoor is probably the safest of the two options, you kneel down and fling it open. To your delight, you see a ladder that leads down into a narrow torchlit tunnel. Being careful to keep your highly flammable ceremonial robes away from the flames, you climb down the ladder and start crawling along the tunnel.

Much to your annoyance, the torches near the end of the tunnel haven’t been lit and it isn’t long before you’re crawling aimlessly in the dark. Even so, it’s not like it’s possible to get lost in a tunnel.

Well, that’s what you think anyway. Before you know what has happened, the floor gives way underneath you. Although it initially seems like you’ve just fallen into one of the Manor’s many bottomless pits, your fall is quickly broken by a foul-smelling straw bed.

From the darkness and the stench, it’s pretty obvious that you’re in a dungeon of some kind. Your theory is confirmed when you hear rattling chains and howls of anguish echoing in the distance. Getting to your feet, you feel your way around until you find a door with a barred window in the middle of it. Unsurprisingly, it is locked.

For a second, you think about banging loudly on the door, but you realise that whoever runs the dungeon is probably used to hearing this. So, in a sensible and polite voice, you say: ‘Excuse me, dungeonkeeper. I appear to have ended up in your dungeon by mistake. Could you please unlock this door?

Seconds later, you hear hurried footsteps and it isn’t long before you see an almost skeletal man standing in front of the door. He is wearing dark robes and carrying a flaming torch.

He holds the torch closer to the door and stares at you for a few seconds before saying: ‘An acolyte! I don’t remember putting you in here. But, you look… somehow… familiar. I met an … acolyte … a short while ago. But, I am not.. as good with remembering faces… as you might think. We talked about music. If you are … that… acolyte, then you will know what my favourite heavy metal band is.

– If you think that the dungeonkeeper’s favourite band is Judas Priest CLICK HERE

– If you think that the dungeonkeeper’s favourite band is Iron Maiden CLICK HERE

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