Page 36

You knock on the door twice. No-one answers.

You are about to knock again when you remember that you’re only supposed to knock twice. Still, you wonder if anyone actually heard you. I mean, for all you know, you might be five minutes early.

So, instead of knocking again, you shout “Hello!“. An eerie silence is your only reply.

You wonder if you’ve got the wrong door. I mean, it probably isn’t exactly the first time that anyone could have made a mistake like that. You are just about to take a look at the neighbouring door, when you hear a low creaking sound. The door swings open and you are greeted with nothing but darkness and the smell of incense.

From the darkness, a voice says: ‘Acolyte! In the glorious name of the Elder Goddess Zuccax, I bid you to enter.

Well, the ritual is about to begin and I really hope that you don’t screw it up. So, I guess that you’d better…..

CLICK HERE to continue.

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