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2016 Artwork Acolyte! Illustration kitchens

Deciding that nothing good can come from entering mysterious glowing trapdoors, you try the other door instead. Despite the sheer amount of damage to the door, it’s still unlocked.

You step into the manor’s kitchens. The foul stench of boiled cabbage hangs in the air and every surface is a riot of unwashed pans, scorched plates, gnawed bones and assorted vermin. Somehow, you decide that you’ll make your excuses and order pizza at home instead of attending the ceremonial feast after your initiation.

As you decide to search the kitchens for anything edible, you hear a strange noise behind you. UUuuhhhh!!!

Your heart racing, you spin around. But there’s no-one there, except for five rodents, seventeen cockroaches and three billion bacteria. Shaking your head, you remind yourself that old houses creak and groan all of the time. So, you go back to searching for something that’s actually edible.

CLANG!!! AAARR!!!! CLUNKK!!! Ok, now that wasn’t just the house!

You look around the kitchen and your eyes fix themselves on a dented metal door in the corner. From the look of it, it’s one of those industrial walk-in refrigerators and, from the sound of things, the noises are coming from inside it. What are you going to do?

– To quietly sneak out of the kitchen CLICK HERE

– To open the refrigerator door CLICK HERE

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