Page 40

After almost getting lost yet again, you finally find yourself standing outside the door to the sacred ritual hall of the Eternal Ancient Order Of The Golden Rain. At least you think that it’s the right door.

There’s another door right next to it that looks remarkably similar, except for a single sheet of toilet paper that seems to be wedged beneath it. Deciding that no-one would be foolish enough to besmirch the sacred ritual hall, you ignore that door.

Even though you’ve been preparing for this ritual for the last few months, one detail still seems a little bit hazy. The initiation ritual begins when the acolyte knocks on the door four times.

No, that can’t be right! What was that riddle again? “Knock me twice and all shall be nice”, or was it “knock me thrice and everything shall be nice”?

Well, don’t ask me. It’s your guess…..

– To knock twice CLICK HERE

– To knock thrice CLICK HERE

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