Page 41

Gingerly, you grab the door handle and push. At first, the door won’t budge. But, as you put your shoulder to it, it reluctantly gives way with a loud groan of protest and you stumble blindly into the darkened room.

Fumbling around for a light switch, you finally find one on the wall next to the door. With a quiet hum, the room is suddenly bathed in harsh fluorescent light. You can’t believe your eyes, the room is piled high with gold ingots, Spanish doubloons and gigantic diamond-encrusted Faberge eggs. Everything is covered with a thick layer of dust.

There must be more even wealth in here than in every local Conservative party meeting across the country! From both the dust and the total lack of a lock on the door, you also realise that everyone else must have forgotten all about this treasure trove!

Well, you think, finders keepers and all of that. You’re rich!

But, of course, you quickly realise that there is far more treasure here than you can actually carry. Not only that, your ceremonial robes don’t exactly have pockets and, have you ever tried hiding a heavy gold ingot up your sleeve? Have you ever tried hiding a Faberge egg in… No, on second thoughts, don’t answer that.

Still, no-one’s going to miss a coin or two. After all, you took the initiative and found this hidden treasure chamber. It certainly wasn’t on the map or anything like that.

Chuckling to yourself, you pick up one of the doubloons and twirl it between your fingers. It gleams brightly below the fluorescent lights. You are just about to laugh when you hear a sudden movement. Before you know what has happened, you see a cutlass at your throat. It is being held by a ghostly hand. A parrot squawks loudly.

Awwwwk! Cheaters never prosper! Cheaters never prosper!

As you fall victim to the curse of the pirates’ treasure, you have just enough time to ponder the bird’s sage words of wisdom. Cheaters never prosper.

RESTART or… No, on second thoughts, you’ll just get a “restart” button THIS time!

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