Page 42

You step into the sweet-smelling darkness, keeping your head bowed reverently. Around you, you can hear quiet chanting and shuffling footsteps. Still, remembering the description of the ritual on the Order’s website, you keep walking forwards.

Halt!‘ A voice booms, seemingly from nowhere ‘Acolyte! You have come here to this sacred place to be inducted into the Eternal Ancient Order Of The Golden Rain. Is this correct?

Following the script perfectly, you say: ‘In the name of the Elder Goddess Zuccax, I am truly unworthy of such an honour. Reluctantly and humbly, I beseech you all to take mercy upon me and allow me to serve as an apprentice of the Order, if I Zuccax wills it.

In the distance, a single red candle flickers to life, illuminating part of an old stone altar. The chanting continues for a few minutes, before the room falls silent once again and another voice booms through the hall: ‘Acolyte! It seems that you are very much in demand, we have already had a request from one of the brothers of the Order for you to serve as their apprentice. Do you accede to the request?

In the name of the Elder Goddess Zuccax, I do.

– If you met Brother Throckmorton earlier CLICK HERE

– If you met Brother Archmalkwith earlier CLICK HERE

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