Page 45

2015 Artwork Acolyte! Illustration Brother Throckmorton

Brother Throckmorton steps out from the darkness. He rubs his bony hands with glee and says ‘Greetings… apprentice.

Greetings in the glorious name of the Elder Goddess Zuccax, Brother Throckmorton.‘ You say, before asking ‘But how did you get here so quickly? If you came from the dungeons, then I would have seen you.

Brother Throckmorton lets out a shrill laugh and says: ‘Apprentice! As you shall learn, there are more secret passages leading to and from the dungeons than there are for any other part of the house. For your information, I took the… secret tunnel….. next to the third spike pit. From there, I took a right by the lower cisterns, crawled through the withered hedgerow, ducked under the bladed pendulum, crept into the bathroom and opened the secret panel. It was, you could say, the… scenic… route.

You raise an eyebrow and say: ‘But, Brother Throckmorton, if you’ve just told everyone about your journey here, then how can you call it a “secret” passage?

Brother Throckmorton gasps and says: ‘Great Zuccax! You’re right! Everyone, everyone. Please… forget…. what I just said.

Thankfully, for both of your sakes, the Order is very good at forgetting. Thanks to the advanced age of many of it’s members and the tendency for the younger members to overindulge at the weekly bacchanals, no sooner has Brother Throckmorton finished speaking, the room is filled with confused mumblings and puzzled questions.

Eventually, High Priestess Lachard shouts: ‘Silence! The hour of sacrifice is almost upon us! The ritual must continue!

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