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Filled with self-righteous indignation, you bang your fist on the altar and say: ‘I refuse to sacrifice this goat, because it is wrong!

Puzzled gasps and shocked mutterings fill the room. The goat bleats at you reproachfully. But, since you are on a roll, you ignore this and continue speaking: ‘I find this Order’s callous disregard for the rights of our capricious bretheren to be shameful, nay, disgusting! All of you should hang your heads in shame!

By now, the mood in the room has got colder and angrier. But, you’re too filled with your own trumped-up sense of righteousness to notice: ‘In addition to this, the methods of sacrifice are quite clearly unlawful and inhumane! I have no qualifications in such matters and, yet, I am supposed to just disregard the laws of this land and stab this goat with no regard to it’s well-being. Well, this stops here! I shall inform the law immediately!

As you finish your sentence, you hear footsteps. A hooded man in dark robes steps into the middle of the room and says: ‘Go on, then. Inform away.

Sensing a threat, you point the ceremonial dagger at the robed man and say: ‘You don’t frighten me! In fact, I am making a citizen’s arrest right now! All of you, please form an orderly line and follow me to the local police station.

The hooded man laughs quietly to himself before removing his hood. It is the local Chief Constable!

He smiles and says: ‘I think that you’ll find that the station is closed tonight and, if you don’t put that knife away, I’ll be the one doing the arresting tonight!

The room is filled with cackling laughter. The Chief Constable strides over to you and snatches the dagger from your hands. Raising it aloft, he says: ‘In keeping with higher laws than those of man, I sentence you to death for breaking the ritual and dishonouring the Elder Goddess Zuccax!

Shocked, you stutter ‘ B…But, capital punishment was abolished in 19… Aaaargh!!

Your journey, it seems, has come to a sticky end. Whilst you might have missed the point of this story, the point doesn’t seem to have missed you. I’m sorry to say it, but it seems like your story has an unhappy ending. Maybe you should have done things differently?

The End 😦

(You got the bad ending, better luck next time… Or, if you’re completely unprincipled, you can always cheat)

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