Page 9

Puzzled, you shout “Hello?” Your voice echoes around the tiny room and the chanting begins again. It almost sounds like it’s coming from within the walls. But, after a quick search, you find an old radio lying next to the door – with an empty can of lager and a dog-eared adult magazine resting against it. Obviously, doorkeeping isn’t quite the prestigious job that you thought it was.

Chuckling to yourself, you lean over and turn off the radio. An eerie silence fills the room. You’d have expected an old house like this to make a lot of noise, but there’s literally nothing. You can’t even hear the pouring rain outside.

A shiver runs down your spine. So, you look around the room once more and quickly spot a large door. What’s more, it’s an unlocked door – the best kind of door known to humanity!

Smiling weakly, you turn the handle and open the door.

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